Laura Cole

Food Stylist

I have been styling since the early 90’s. While attending Valdosta State University for my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree i had a moment where stirring a pot of chili. And I thought to myself, ” I am going to love to cook.” After receiving my degree I wore a few different hats that led me into corporate advertising. While working at a women’s shoe company as a Director of Visual Merchandizing, i began to explore my hand in styling. During my time at the shoe company I traveled to Europe, which introduced me to unique blend of flavors in various foods.

After traveling and seeing a stylist in action in the early 90’s I had an enhanced understanding of what i wanted to truly succeed in. I launched my styling career and my sights on the culinary arts. For a number of years, I taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta as a food stylist instructor in the culinary department. Recently, I have styled for Chick-Fil-A, Honey Baked Ham, and La Tienda. I am still captivated by the food. The look, smell, and texture of it inspires me. I consider myself very fortunate that I found what i love to do…what makes me happy. max